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CTA Transandina

A global crude & refined products trading company

CTA Transandina is an oil distribution, logistics and trading company with an international presence.

Our experienced team trades crude and refined products, adding value at every level of the supply chain – from sourcing to the final delivery to our customers.

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over the years of successful work our team has achieved good results in the oil industry

Cta Transandina operates in all risk management tools, including the futures market, over the counter (OTC) swaps and a range of other derivatives. We bring high standards of risk management and operational excellence to our customers while maintaining sophisticated risk management systems, processes and controls.Financial, operational and market risks are an integral element of commodities trading and physical supply. They cannot be wholly avoided, but can be planned for and managed. We take a comprehensive approach to hedging and marketing to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives

Our in depth expertise, combined with our extensive credit lines as well as our own strong financial condition allows us to offer a variety of transactional structures enabling us to provide valuable solutions to our counterparties.
Our strong liquid capital structure enables us to provide our clients the working capital they require by extending payment terms using a variety of structures. We are also able to provide our crude oil and petroleum products producers pre-export financing.
CTA Transandina regularly works with its suppliers to develop structures that provide them with maximum access to liquidity as well as giving us the financial transparency and security we require. 

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